Brunel Wekho aims for global music domination as he signs with First Tribe Management

Brunel Wekho


Once in a while there emerges upon the music scene a truly seminal creative talent, one to be considered both very special and promising. A veritable musical multi-threat, Brunel Wekho is a deft songwriter, producer, remixer, DJ and artist whose career imprint is currently in “Expansion Mode”

A native of The Democratic Republic of The Congo Africa, Wekho presently calls Antwerp Belgium “Home” and it is there where his recording studios and music production company are based.

Possessing a “current” yet inimitable sound which is all his own, Brunel is currently enjoying burgeoning success as an in-demand music producer, songwriter and remixer throughout Western Europe and beyond. As his career continues its upward trajectory, this uber driven musical dynamo is well positioned for global success.