Edwin Oliver's First Tribe Media

Edwin Oliver III is a music & entertainment industry professional whose unparalleled breadth of career specialties spans myriad lanes. Oliver is an accomplished creative talent manager, music publisher, music producer, entertainment industry contract negotiator and corporate branding specialist. Numerous Grammy Award winning recording artists, songwriters and music producers attribute their next level success to Oliver's sage career guidance, prescient industry insight, unique creative vision and business acumen. Oliver through his First Tribe Media & Music Group has served as a business and creative consultant to major record labels and established music production entities (in both the U.S. and Europe) An intrepid advocate for his clients (both famous & on-the-rise talent) Oliver's commitment to excellence in all which he endeavors has earned him a stellar reputation among his industry peers and he continues to redefine both creative & business paradigms within the music & entertainment industries.

Career Highlights

  • Contributor on various commercial album releases with combined sales exceeding 50 million units worldwide
  • First African American "Director of Music Publishing" in the history of The Walt Disney Company
  • A&R consultant on Walt Disney Records' world music recorded version of the Elton John penned Billboard #1 charted hit single "Hakuna Matada" (from: The Lion King)
  • Successfully negotiated recording & music production deals with every major record label on behalf of FTM clients over a (10) year period
  • As Creative Director, introduced Disney to the Christian Music Market by signing the company's first ever Christian artist/songwriter: Donnie McClurkin (5 x Platinum)
  • Business/Creative consultant to (10) respective Grammy Award recipients (artists / producers / songwriters)
  • Music Publisher recipient of the BMI "Most Popular Broadcast Performance Of The Year" award (song: "That's What I Believe")
  • First Tribe Media is responsible for introducing to the gospel music market (2) of the industry's most popular songs of the past two decades ("I Need You Now" and "Praise Jehovah")